Individual & Small Group Private Training

Join us for skill development workouts that will be tailored specifically for each player. Elevate trainers Cindy Martin & Drew Slone bring years of high level playing experience, as well as years of coaching, skill development, and training experience. Sign up for a workout now, and learn what it takes to Elevate your game to the next level. We offer 1-on-1 private lessons or you can form your own small private group. Email the trainer of your choice to see their availability.

  • 1 player = $100 per player
  • 2 players = $50 per player
  • 3 players = $40 per player
  • 4 players = $30 per player
  • 5+ players = $25 per player
  • Private lessons are 1 hour in length
  • To schedule a workout, contact our Trainers via email:
  • Cindy Martin
  • Drew Slone
  • Adrian Moore