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October 2017 Cindy Martin Class Schedule

November 2017 Cindy Martin Class Schedule

Cindy Martin Fall Ball

Drew Slone's School's Out Workout  - October 20th - 9:00AM-11:00AM

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Cindy Martin:

Hoop School! 

Join Former University of Florida PG and NCAA Division I Head Coach Cindy Martin at Elevate. Created to teach basketball fundamentals to players of all skill levels and the best class to start with for beginning and intermediate players. Learn proper shooting form, footwork, layups, passing, along with more advanced team transition drills and scrimmages each day. Players take this class until they are ready to move up to the next level. Develop your skills while having FUN in a competitive "team" atmosphere. 1st-2nd grade uses hoop. 

Skills and Scrimmage

College style shooting, ballhandling & 1 vs. 1 drills for 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes of live scrimmage time. 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3 and 4 vs. 4 to let each player gets lots of touches and opportunities to work on scoring in a live game. Players will improve shooting form, moves, footwork, ballhandling, passing, defense and basketball IQ. 

Point Guard Clinic 

The Point Guard Clinic was designed by Former NCAA Division I Head Coach & University of Florida PG, Cindy Martin. Learn how to push the ball in transition, make critical game time decisions, and take your ball handling & passing to an elite level to dominate as a PG. This position clinic is open to all positions, as a socrong guard, or post player you would benefit to see the game through the eyes of a PG. 

1,000 Shot Club

The 1,000 Shot Club will allow players to go through a series of shooting drills to improve shooting form and consistency while taking 250 shots each night. This is a workout program built on high repetition in an intense environment so it's not for beginners. If you're looking for a great shooting workout with fast-paced drills, this is the program for you. 

 Elite Scoring Clinic

Designed to simulate a college scoring practice and take your footwork & ball skills to an elite level.  Learn how to create your own shot, beat a second defender and improve consistency with elite 1 vs. 1 moves.  We will match up and work on scoring live, so this class is not for beginning players. 

Shooting Lab

Learn proper shooting form, footwork and how to catch the ball "ready" to shoot for a quicker release. Lots of shooting repetition but no defense so this is a great class to improve shooting form and consistency.

Train 4 Tryouts

Take your skills to an elite level with advanced skills & drills.  Each class will include ballhandling, layups, shooting, passing, defense and rebounding.  Prepare for the tempo, focus and skills for your team tryouts and season. Very competitive class for those serious about their upcoming tryouts. 

Girls High-School

Created to simulate a college practice to help you get ready for the next level. Players will compete in team and individual college style drills at an intense level. Improve your scoring, 1 vs. 1 moves, transition game, rebounding, defense, and Basketball IQ in a competitive setting.

Fall Ball

Get ready for your school / travel basketball season!  Coach Martin & staff will lead the players through 40 minutes of competitive drills followed by 20 minutes of live scrimmage time. You will improve your scoring, footwork, ballhandling, rebounding, basketball IQ and court spacing in a competitive setting. Players will be broken into groups based on grade & skill level.

Shooting Clinic

The Shooting Clinic was designed to take shots from various places on the court while also working on proper shooting form & footwork. There is no defense, just shooting drills so it’s a great class for all skill levels and will be matched with players of similar skill level. Brand new class to help score during your season


Drew Slone

Shooting Form Clinic

Proper shooting form is a key fundamenal that, if learned early, gives a young player a great foundation in the game. In this clinic, Drew will focus to teaching the triple three position (holding the ball ready to shoot, pass, or dribble), squaring up, proper hand placement, and follow through. Players will have a lot of opportunities to work on and perfect their shooting technique is this fun and informative clinic.

Game Situations Clinic

In this class we will be covering actions that players will see in a game including drive/kick, ball screen and down screen reads, one on one moves, and 5 on 5 live play.

Shooting Skills Academy  

This series of four, one-hour clinics will focus to shooting skills off the dribble, off the catch, on the move, and in game situations. Players should come prepared to learn and prepared to have fun!

Basketball For Beginners

This class will focus on the basics of basketball including ball handling, shooting and footwork at a slow pace. Any beginners or kids new to the game would benefit from this class.

Perimeter Shooting Skills

In this class Drew focuses to perimeter shooting skills including form, proper mechanics, and getting open for the perimeter shot.